Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD) is the peak body of Australian Law Schools.

CALD is an unincorporated association which has amongst its objectives:

  • Consultation on matters of mutual concern to members or their institutions and where appropriate the adoption of common policies;
  • The furtherance of legal education in Australia;
  • The encouragement of legal research;
  • The promotion of cooperation between law schools;
  • The maintenance of close relations between law schools and the legal profession;

The Deans of all the law schools in Australia are members of the Council and they meet together three times a year at different locations.

A number of reports and other documents, prepared for the Council of Australian Law Deans, are being published. These reports are, progressively, put on this website.


CALD Statement in response to recent events in Turkey

Monday 15 August 2016

The Council of Australian Law Deans expresses its concerns at recent events in Turkey which have led to a large number of judges and deans, including of law schools, to lose their roles.  

1600 deans have been asked to resign in the wake of the attempted coup in Turkey and while there are re-assurances that many of them will be reinstated in their roles, CALD is concerned that such actions undermine the important, independent role that should be played by both judges and members of the academy in a free society. 

Both those who hold judicial office and academic positions are obliged to obey the law and we would not object to a fair, impartial process that focused on those accused of serious wrongdoing.  But the scale and severity of the forced resignations undermines the importance of independent institutions and has created considerable individual hardship. 

Even those who are reinstated in their roles will be wary of making the types of criticisms of government that are an important part of the academic role or in making findings against the government as is required of judges if they are to be impartial.  These actions threaten both the rule of law and democratic freedoms and we call on the government of Turkey to respect the rights of Turkish law school deans and judges.

Professor Carolyn Evans
Chair, CALD


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